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Head to Toe Healthy Spa is proud to be a premier provider of different organic treatments in Wayne, PA. Our services range from various massages, revitalizing facials, eyelash extensions, tints, body therapies and polishes, different styles of waxing, tanning, as well as quality hand and foot treatments—both organic and non-organic.

If you’re looking for a natural, healthy way to give yourself a boost in looks, or refresh yourself physically and mentally, you’ve come to the right place! Our ambience, services, all down to the tiniest details such as the products we use and the professionalism of our team are guaranteed to reinvigorate every part of you.

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717 W Lancaster, Ave Wayne, PA 19087



9am - 7pm


10am - 5pm


Just an Appointment Away!

  • Works on women with little to NO brows
  • Brows will look fuller, balanced, & natural
  • Custom shape & color tailored for you
  • Almost painless service
  • Say goodbye to the morning brow rush
  • Stop worrying if your brows are still "on"
  • Wake up feeling complete and confident
  • 100% Smudge-Proof & Water-Proof

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Head to Toe - Deep Tissue Massage: (60 min/$95) (90min/$135)

A special blend of organic essential oils are used to manipulate the muscles and connective tissue to reduce pain & tension, and increase blood circulation.

Head to Toe - Swedish Massage: (60 min/$90) (90 min/$130)

Gentle gliding techniques are used with organic essential oils to calm sore muscles, relieve stress, and encourage relaxation

Healthy Spa - Mini Massage: (30 min/$55)

An upper body massage focused entirely on the back, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands.

Head to Toe - Ritual for the Hands & Feet: (60 min/$90)

A heavenly warm candle wax massage focusing on relaxation of the hands & feet.

Hot Rocks Massage: (60 min/$115) (90 min/$155 )

Experience the ancient art of stone therapy. Healing stones will be placed on specific acupressure points throughout your body to melt away knots, tension, and stress. Your therapist will incorporate the warm stones into a deeply therapeutic massage.

Signature Organic Massage: (60 min/$125)

Indulge in complete relaxation with a full body massage featuring warm organic candle wax, along with foot reflexology and a hydrating hand & foot treatment. The remaining candle is yours to take home as a gift.

Reflexology Therapy: (30 min/$45) (60 min/$75)

Reflexology, one of the most popular therapies, works on the principal that certain pressure points in the feet and hands correspond with the body’s organs and systems. By applying specific pressure to those areas, balance can be restored to the body.

Couples Massage: (60 min/$199) (90 min/$280)

What a perfect way to relax and spend time with someone you love. Both of you will enjoy a full body massage side by side. Champagne or Wine also served upon request.

Massage for Mother - to be: (60 min/$105.00)

Tried and tested safe pregnancy massage techniques adapted for each stage of pregnancy. Specialized positioning is used to ensure the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.


Experience the highest quality with Eminence Organic Skin Care products, created with European certified premium herbs, fruit, and flower buds that you can see and smell. Eminence products offer dramatic results as actual seed pulps and peels begin the regenerative and healing powers that only nature can produce. Eye and lip treatments are included in all facial treatments.

Organic Facial: (60 min /$95)

Our professional estheticians will customize each session to your individual skin type, while providing you with steam, exfoliation, a purifying mask, and facial massage. With aromas that will suit your senses and ingredients that will impart health and beauty to your skin, our incredible, all natural organic products prove to be a facial experience like no other.

Sensitive or Rosacea Facial: (60 min /$115)

This treatment is designed for those with sensitive or rosacea skin. You will see the signs of redness are reduced. Irritation and inflammation are calmed. Oxygenation and blood circulation is stimulated to fight free radical damage. It will leave your skin complexion toned, softened and soothed.

Age Defying Firming Facial: (75 min /$125)

Our signature facial is a results oriented treatment! Specifically helps to smooth and plump skin, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. During the treatment special hands, neck, shoulder, and scalp massage are all included.

Detox Firming Peel & Pore Refining Treatment: (75 min /$125)

Experience the amazing pore refining properties of berries! The cleanser, peel, and firming masque will leave your skin plumped, fine lines will disappear, and pores tightened, leaving smooth feeling, healthy and flawless skin.

Anti-Blemish Acne Treatment: (90 min /$130)

The acne eliminator! This facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam, and a variety of serums to dissolve sebum and fight free radicals. Extraction, if necessary, will be performed to alleviate congested areas. A special calming masque will be chosen to blast oil and purge impurities, as well as calming agents and cold compresses to mellow out and clarify the skin. Treatment will be completed with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

Dermaplaning with Facial: (60 min /$115)

Dermaplaning gently removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells on the face. This treatment immediately reveals fresher, brighter looking skin and a smoother look and feel. Removing dead skin cells and vellus hair (“peach fuzz”) creates a smooth foundation for cosmetic application and allows skincare products to better penetrate. Individual results vary, but typically results last between three to four weeks.

Pigment Balancing Treatment ~For all skin types: (75 min/$105)

Our pigment balancing treatments lighten and reduce existing hyper pigmentation, improve overall skin tone, and protect your skin from future discolorations without the potentially harmful side-effects of bleaching agents. Your skin complexion is lighter, calmer, and healthier. For optimal results, regular treatments are recommended.

Purifying Back Facial: (60 min/$110)

The skin on the back can be prone to breakouts, so care for it with a deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction. Impurities will be lifted, dry skin eliminated, and blemishes will be soothed and calmed.

Gentlemen’s Facial: (60 min/$95)

Designed specifically for men to exfoliate and soften the skin, while addressing irritation and sensitivity due to shaving. A special customized masque will leave the skin radiant & more youthful looking. Great for all skin types.

Teen Dream Facial: (60 min/$79)

We will clean, tone, exfoliate, and analyze the skin. A customized masque is then applied to calm & achieve balance.

The Diamond Express Facial – Microdermabrasion Plus: (30 min/$90)

A great intro to crystal free, diamond tip microdermabrasion. This powerful technology improves the appearance of skin texture, large pores, acne and acne scaring, dry or dull patches, rough skin, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles.

The Diamond Express can also be performed on: Hands: ($25 and up)

For Optimal results, a series of 6 Diamond Express Treatments is recommended. Please ask our service professional about special discounts for the 6 treatments.

We will not perform The Diamond Express Treatment on Pregnant women or on guests who are using Retinol, Accutane, Avage, Tazorac, Differin or have recently had laser, plastic surgery or a sunburn.

To find out more information about our skincare treatments (Organic Peel), please see our service professional

Ear Candling: ($55)


Let us transport you to your favorite destiniation in style!

Wash & Blow out: ($45)

Wash, blow out with special hydration treatments: ($55)

Wash, blow out with scalp head massage: ($65+)

Please check with our hair dressers for more services that you like to add on such as
hair cut
hair color
root touch-up….


Eyelash: Full Set – Individual


Eyelash: Touch-Up


Eye Brow Tint


Eye Lash Tint



We use the healing power of plants & fruits combined with expert touch to nourish your body and increase energy.

Cranberry Pomegranate/Pear Green Apple Sugar Scrub: (45 min/$85)

A scrumptious organic treatment using natural sugar cane in order to melt away any dryness and roughness you may have. Your skin is caressed with the vitamin-richness of these fruits, enriching it with nutrition and a softness that will leave your skin lustrous and radiant.

Body Polish with Massage: (75 min/$125)

Experience the exfoliating benefits of our organic, natural ingredients from Eminence skin care. Your skin will be polished and smoothed. Then follow with a full or half body massage by using an exotic conditioner to moisturize skin.

Mango Enzyme Body Scrub & Wrap: (75 min/$115)

Body polish by exfoliating the skin first, then indulge in the sweet scent of mango while the gentle fruit infuses vitamins and hydrates your skin. This will reduce pigmentation and the signs of aging. While you are cozy in a comforting wrap, you’ll also enjoy a conditioning scalp massage.

Blueberry Soy Slimming Body Wrap & Cellulite Reduction Treatment: (90 min/$135)
Series of 3 treatments: (pre-paid/$360)

This treatment will help to detoxify your body, reduce fluid retention, and tone your muscles. It also targets cellulite and wards off free radical damage to refine and firm your skin. The natural ingredients work to heal while you enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. (We recommend that you book a course of three for maximum results)

*Pricing subject to change without notice









$60 +


$55 +


$22 +

Half Arm

$35 +

Full Arm

$50 +

Half Leg

$35 +

Full Leg

$70 +


$30 +


$60 +


$75 +


$5 +


$5 +


$5 +


$30 +


A flawless application of an all natural, healthy spray tan. Please wear loose clothing to and from this treatment and wait at least six hours to shower once the tanner has been applied.

Face & Neck Tan


Arms & Legs Tan


Full Body


Package of 5 (save $25)


Scrub with Full Body Tan


*Pricing subject to change without notice

USDA Organic Certified Products


Classic Organic: (30 min/ $30)

Pure organic essential soap soak, nails & cuticles shaped, cleaned, and trimmed, massage, non-toxic polish application

Oil Organic: (35 min/ $35)

Pure essential oil soak, nails & cuticles shaped, cleaned, and trimmed, warm candle wax massage, non-toxic polish application

Signature Organic: (45 min / $45)

Luxurious soap soak, nails & cuticles shaped, cleaned, and trimmed, gentle sugar scrub, organic customized mask, soothing massage, non-toxic polish application

Dazzle Dry Manicure (30 min / $35)


Express (35 min / $50)

Luxurious warm bath soak, nails & cuticles shaped, cleaned, and trimmed, callus treatment, exfoliating sugar scrub, nontoxic polish application

Classic Organic (60 min / $60)

Luxurious warm bath soak, nails & cuticles shaped, cleaned, and trimmed, callus treatment, exfoliating sugar scrub, warm candle wax massage, non- toxic polish application

Signature Organic (75 min / $80)

Luxurious warm bath soak, nails & cuticles shaped, cleaned, and trimmed, callus treatment, exfoliating sugar scrub, rich organic mask, warm towel treatment, warm candle wax massage, non-toxic polish application

Dazzle Dry Pedicure (60 min / $65)

For Him

Spa Mister

Warm organic salt bath, nails & cuticles shaped, cleaned, and trimmed, exfoliating sugar scrub, warm candle wax massage, warm towel treatment, non-toxic clear polish application

Manicure: (30 min/ $35)

Pedicure: (60 min/ $60)

For Little Ones

Spa Princess ~ 12 years old and under

Luxurious warm bath soak, nails and cuticles shaped, cleaned, and trimmed, non-toxic polish application

Manicure: (30 min/ $20)

Pedicure: (60 min/ $50)


Offering the same features as our Classic Organic manicure or pedicure using regular or all natural polish options

Shellac Manicure

30 - 45 min/ $45

Shellac Pedicure

75 min/ $70


Full Set – Acrylic - Silk Wrap




Full Set – Gel






Single Tip



Individual paraffin wraps for hands or feet

Paraffin Hands


Paraffin Feet


Polish Change for Hands


Polish Change for Feet


*Pricing subject to change without notice

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